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Commercial Project List


SHEPARD Energy Power Plant Calgary AB, Plant Fiber Optic Network (2013-2014)

NLRT,  NAIT-Kingsway-Macewan-Churchill, System Installation 5.5km ROW Fiber Optic & Copper Communications network (2013-2014)

NLRT Churchill Communication Room Integration (2012-2013)

University of Alberta, Life Safety Fiber Optics (2010)

North WestTel Fort St. John BC, 120 km Fiber Optic Cable Jetting (2010)

University of Alberta, 5.5 Km 96 Strand Fiber Optics (2008 -2009)

Edmonton LRT 22 Belgravia New construction of Copper & Fiber Optic Telecommunication Networks  (2008 -2009)

Edmonton LRT 19 South Campus New construction of Copper & Fiber Optic Telecommunication Networks (2008 -2009)

TELUS,  Calgary Law Courts Buildings New Construction, 90 FOC Riser backbones from comms room to 45 Telecom Rooms in new towers (2006 -2007)

TELUS,  Arivia Tower Calgary (2007)

TELUS,  London at Heritage Calgary (2007)

Bell, Alberta Supernet (Fiber Optic)